Snæfellsnes offer one of the best landscapes Iceland has to offer. Located just north of Reykjavik, this 100km long peninsula is packed with amazing landscapes, mountains, fjords, waterfalls, caves, charming little villages, sea cliffs, beaches and even a glacier. One might think, that it´s almost like Iceland within Iceland. Obviously each place is unique, but as a compressed version of Icelandic landscapes, Snæfellsnes is a perfect destination for photographers.

Focus of the tour is photography. While on tour I will provide help with setting up the camera, choosing composition and other technical elements. At the end of the tour we go through the photos where I will show how to do post processing using Photoshop or Lightroom.

Pricing: 40 000 ISK  



Overview of the few main landmarks during the tour: 

Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss.

One of the most famous spots in Iceland. Kirkjufell is a 463 meters high mountain, which is spectacular by itself, and in combination with a waterfall nearby, offers one of the most dramatic compositions of icelandic landscapes.

Hellnar and Arnarstapi.

Once again, area is full of great photographic opportunities of cliffs and rock formations on a rigged and lava scarred beaches.  








Búðarhraun and Búðir.

Surrounded by lava field and rocky beaches, this small black church Búðir is particularity photogenic. Depending on the weather and time of the year, you can get a really nice shot.












Gerðuberg is a row of basalt columns called. Even though these structures are not the most spectacular in Iceland, it´s still worthy stop and in a good light has a potential for a great shot.





This small lake is surrounded by a lava field. Area is beautiful, with remains of dramatic volcanic activity, and small waterfalls nearby. 














A small fjord surrounded by high mountains and in my opinion is a great place to capture some great shots.


A spectacular lava field named after a mythical story. Close by, surrounded by this lava flow, is a lake called Hraunsfjarðarvatn. Another place where you can just explore and be sure to find some interesting compositions for great landscape shots.

These are only few of the landmarks in the area that we would be exploring on this day trip. So, go ahead and BOOK you trip