vestrahorn mountain south iceland

   I offer custom tailored photography tours to enthusiastic amateur photographers. My main goal is to showcase the best of Icelandic landscape and improve your skills as a photographer. While I like to share my knowledge of Iceland, its culture and traditions, focus is primary on photography - from framing the shot, till post processing in Photoshop and other software. 



Price of the tours depend on number of days, type of transportation, accommodation and other expenses. I am very flexible and able to provide great product for a very friendly price. 

Iceland has been called a photographers paradise by many. And there´s a good reason for it as it offers so many dramatic and scenic landscapes. I have traveled all around this beautiful island not only to capture the most prominent landmarks, but also to look for places that are still largely ''undiscovered'', hence having an additional unique aura surrounding them. 


  If that´s something you are interested, please contact me for any additional information. You can book a tour through HERE or send your inquiry to: