Hello! I have put together a route and main landmarks that you will be enjoying while here in Iceland. While it´s a good overview of the route we will take, it´s still flexible and our journey will depend on such factors as light, weather, time spent in certain locations and other. My general goal while planning this trip was to show as much as possible in the time frame that is available. I tried to include all the main and most impressive landmarks as well as places that are less known, but I find them great for photography. 

Overall, It will be a long journey as we have to circle around the whole island, but we have a lot of daylight to spend as you are coming exactly when the days are the longest and night never really steps in. Weather is unpredictable, but there should be no storms or any extreme weather that you should be aware of. Temperature is expected to vary between 54 to 64 F during the day, so no need to put on big coats. However rain is rather common, so having a light raincoat might come handy. I would also recommend to wear light hiking shoes. Even though most of the attractions are right by or close by the road. Few places will require a little walk through rough terrains. Lets hope for a good weather and many great pictures.

19th of June.

Pick up from airport and drive to Reykjavik. You will spend the night in Hotel Orkin. 

20th of June.

Breakfast in the hotel and start of the journey. We should be ready to leave around 9 AM. First day will be exploring Reykjanes peninsula. Area is mostly covered with old lava and we are going to see interesting lava formations, geothermal areas and sea cliffs. Second part of the day we are going to drive on more popular route, the so called Golden circle, which includes geysir and impressive waterfalls. Night we will be spending in Hvölsvöllur. 

21st of June.

Breakfast included in the hotel price. Today we should start earlier as there will be a lot to see and photograph. Most of the day we will be driving along side glaciers as well as enjoy many big waterfalls, black sand beaches, glacier river canyon and one of the most iconic landmark in Iceland - Jökulsárlón, or glacier lagoon. Night we will be spending in Höfn. An old milk factory turn into a new hotel. 

22nd of June.

Next three hotels will not be providing breakfast, so will need to stock up before. First part of the day we will go along east fjords, including some of the most beautiful mountains. Later we will drive through part of highlands and enjoy a scenery along side a popular lake with a waterfall at the end of it. We will be spending the night in one of the most charming fishing villages in Iceland located in a deep fjord. 

23rd of June.

Breakfast will not by provided by the accommodation. First part of the day will be spend on Icelandic highlands. Area is mostly covered with rocks and is rather desolate. First stop will be couple of glacier river waterfalls and then heading towards geothermal area that surrounds a lake - Mývatn. There we will visit as crater, hot mud pools, caves with hot water and a ''lava forest''. After leaving Mývatn, we will visit Góðafoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland and the head further north, driving through Akureyri (2nd largest town in Iceland) and stop in Siglufjörður, where will be spending the night.

24th of June.

Probably the day we have to drive the most and I personally this this part is one of the least interesting in the country. Yet, there are few amazing spots that will be worth to stop and photograph. Mainly, oldest church in Iceland, Hvítserkur (a picturesque rock formation), Grábrók crater, canyon and waterfall that falls out of a lava field. Night we will be spending in Búðardalur.

25th of June.

Breakfast in the hotel and then heading to Snæfelssnes. A penisnula packed with many great landmarks. One of the main ones is Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss. A mountain that resembles a church and a waterfall nearby. We will stop by a farm that prepares a rotten shark, explore lava fields nearby and many sea cliffs with amazing views. Depending on time, there are few other stops between there and Reykjavik, that we can do. But that is something we can decide on spot. We arrive in Reykjavík evening of that day and spend the night in Reykjavik Downtown apartments.   

26th of June.

Drive back to Keflavik airport.