Kaspars Dzenis     

      I´m a landscape photographer living in Iceland. Icelandic nature has a profound impact on anyone who sets eyes on it and I was no exception. After eventually exploring more and more of its hidden gems, I felt the need to pick up a camera and document those places. It all started as a hobby, but then gradually it became an obsession and finally as a full time occupation. 

      Additionally I have spent great effort to learn as much as possible about Icelandic language, customs and culture and I love to share this knowledge with others. My biggest joy, however, is to be ''out there'' in the wilderness, and I believe that there are still many grand scenes in Iceland that has yet to be photographed. For the past couple of years I have been successfully conducting private photography tours for small groups, but more recently stepped into the world of photography workshops, sharing my skills to capture the best of what Iceland has to offer.